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Belvedere Stables offers training for sporthorses of all ages and breeds in Dressage

up to 4th Level as well as basic Working Equitation. We also offer Sales and

Marketing Services and Breed Inspection Services.

Of course we also welcome boarders who would like to enroll their horses in any of our training packages or would like to participate with any of our lesson packages.

We currently offer the following training options:

  • Full Training - 5 days/week (incl. up to 3 lessons p. week)

  • Half Training - 3 days/week (incl. 1 lesson p. week)

  • Pre-paid Lesson program (please inquire)


  • Our optional Young Horse Program
    Starting horses under saddle requires generally a 3 month commitment. Horses are NOT required to be halter broke or handled prior to training commitment, but you might have to allow for extra time in that case. Just fetch them from the pasture and drop them off! Your horse should ideally be able to graduate after three months with perfect ground manners and training level skills and possibly even having participated at a local schooling show for a first experience (if available). You will be joined with your new horse under saddle before completing the training commitment. Of course you can extend the training contract at your discretion if desired. 


  • Lay-up
    Individual rehabilitation of injured horses at all stages of recovery. Hand walking, wrapping, bandaging, wound treatment, ultrasound treatment, etc. Cost of medical supplies and therapeutic devices not included.

Our optional therapeutic treatments and routines include TheraPlates, cold laser therapy, and regular visits by several practitioners for equine massage, chiropractic, and electromagnetic pulse therapy.

Make sure to contact us for lessons and individually tailored services or training programs!

Featured Horses

Belvedere Stables is offering the following horses for sale


"I started dressage training with Marion in early 2007. I had been a hard working dressage rider for almost a decade. I was showing at first level but wasn’t able to progress any further. Marion immediately diagnosed my problem…I was too tense!! I was clamping with my knees and my body was giving the horse the message to stop not to go. Marion spent a lot of time working with me to relax. Once I relaxed, the horse would move willingly forward. She had me ride horses that were schooled in the upper level movements, which helped me to understand the aids. I never thought I could do canter pirouettes, passage and piaffe.

Marion assisted me in importing a young talented Andalusian from Mexico. Many trainers don’t allow the owner to ride a young horse until he is educated. Marion had me ride my horse right from the beginning. She did this in a safe controlled environment that allowed me to be part of the process. This has been a wonderful experience and a great confidence builder."

Margaret Stonich, 2011

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