In 2006 she also started working with Martin Juarez, who is a renown trainer of Andalusian stallions, performing Doma Vaquera (spanish dressage) and Alta Escuela (high school). 

In 2009 Marion moved her training business to the gorgeous Creek Hollow Ranch in Ramona, CA working with several local breeders to start youngsters and sale horses under saddle with emphasis on creating well rounded amateur horses. She has over the years ridden and cliniced with Carol Peters, Sheri Heiar, Patrice Edwards, Gil Merrick, and more recently, Lena Nordlof-Davis, Jan Ebeling, and Charlotte Bredahl.

Following her calling Marion gives young or green horses and ponies of all breeds as well as amateur and youth riders the most important basic training that creates a solid foundation on which horse and rider can build and later excel in the higher levels of any discipline. Her positive confidence building approach helps timid and insecure riders (and horses) to find their assertiveness in the saddle and become a team with their equine partners.

Her current move to Rancho Bellamar in Del Mar with August of 2018 will allow her to expand her training to include Working Equitation as a new discipline while continuing to teach Dressage up to 4th level.

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Originally from Vienna, Austria, Marion Wright has spent her early years competing in show jumping, but eventually found her way into the dressage after a move. Never being able to own a horse herself in her youth, she benefited from having to adjust to a multitude of different horses over the years. From starting German Riding Ponies for sale to riding problem horses and ponies she developed her intuition and creativity to approach each horse individually. 

After moving to San Diego in 1997 Marion specialized in educating young and green horses of all breeds, following her passion to give young horses the best possible tools to excel in their chosen career. 

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