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Belvedere Stables specializes in giving horses and riders the necessary

basics to build a solid foundation for their future. Young horses often have to fit into a tight training schedule and don't get the extra time they need to become well rounded athletes and good citizens. Here at Belvedere Stables your youngster will learn how to behave in and out of an arena, negotiate obstacles, and how to relax on a trail ride. Time is spent on developing a proper contact and acceptance of the bit as well as natural self carriage without pushing young horses too fast too soon.

Many of our students found that they had been missing some essential basics that kept them from advancing in their riding. It is vital to develop a balanced and independent seat in order to enable our horses to be balanced in their movements. Our students will find a relaxed lesson environment with emphasis on seat, efficiency, and harmony with your horse.

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"I started dressage training with Marion in early 2007. I had been a hard working dressage rider for almost a decade. I was showing at first level but wasn’t able to progress any further. Marion immediately diagnosed my problem…I was too tense!! I was clamping with my knees and my body was giving the horse the message to stop not to go. Marion spent a lot of time working with me to relax. Once I relaxed, the horse would move willingly forward. She had me ride horses that were schooled in the upper level movements, which helped me to understand the aids. I never thought I could do canter pirouettes, passage and piaffe.

Marion assisted me in importing a young talented Andalusian from Mexico. Many trainers don’t allow the owner to ride a young horse until he is educated. Marion had me ride my horse right from the beginning. She did this in a safe controlled environment that allowed me to be part of the process. This has been a wonderful experience and a great confidence builder."

Margaret Stonich, 2011

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